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Course Options for KIDS English

Simplingo offers a variety of courses to boost your child's future prospects.

(All prices are in US Dollars)

Early Years (4 - 9)

$1 * $21**
Led by an experienced and dedicated Instructor who specializes in early child development, this course is a great way to:
  • - Help your child develop their ability to communicate in English.
  • - Expand other essential skills for a life of learning.
  • - Gain proficiency and confidence.
  • - Receive individualized feedback to help address the Student’s specific needs.

Middle School Years (10 - 14)

$1 * $21**
Our qualified Teachers conduct this Course for 10 to 14-year olds. It will prepare your child for the next stage of their English learning experience by:

Exam Preparation

$1 * $34.50***
This specialized course from our professional Instructors concentrates on school exams such as ACT, SAT, PET, CAE and FCE. It trains the Learner to:
  • - Write the exams efficiently and effectively.
  • - Learn the secrets of how the Tests are graded.
  • - Undertake mock exams and be assessed by their Instructor.
  • - Get individualized feedback to increase the Learner’s English level.

Limited Spaces Available
(Maximum 1 x $1 class per student)

Benefits of studying English at Simplingo

Online course with a live English tutor

Receive English coaching from top instructors

Guaranteed to improve your knowledge

Courses are tailored for maximum success

Industry Leading Results

Nearly 85% of parents in China have their children learning English before the age of 6.


90% of European kids are learning two languages by the time they are 9.

1.2 billion

Over 1.2 billion people around the world are studying English

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