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Course Options for IELTS

Simplingo offers a variety of courses to boost your IELTS band score.

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$1 * $34.50
A 10-lesson Package led by a highly experienced trained Instructor. Preparation is key to achieve your goal. This course is a great way to:
  • - Practice and gain proficiency in the four components of the test.
  • - Familiarise oneself with how IELTS Examiners grade exam papers.
  • - Go over simulated test questions.
  • - Receive individualized feedback to help address the Candidate’s needs.


$1 * $34.50
This 10-lesson Course Package focuses solely on improving the Speaking section of the IELTS exam. Guided by an IELTS Instructor with vast exam experience, the Candidate will:


$1 * $38
Our 10-lesson Package, conducted by our professional IELTS Instructor, concentrates only on the Academic / General Writing section. It will train Candidates to:
  • - Write Task 1 and 2 efficiently and effectively.
  • - Learn the secrets of how the Writing test is assessed.
  • - Undertake mock exams and be assessed by their IELTS Instructor.
  • - Get individualized feedback to increase the Candidate’s band score.

Limited Spaces Available
(Maximum 1 x $1 class per student)

Benefits of studying IELTS at Simplingo

Online course with a live IELTS tutor

Receive IELTS coaching from top instructors including Examiners

Guaranteed to improve your score

Courses are tailored for maximum success

Industry Leading Results

Simplingo Students successfully achieved their required IELTS Score in 2016 by taking our IELTS Online Course.


Simplingo Students successfully achieved their required IELTS Score in 2017 by taking our IELTS Online Course.


of our Simplingo IELTS Instructors are Examiners.

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