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Nearly one in every four of us speak English at a useful level worldwide.


Students have successfully registered onto our Simplingo site in the year 2018.


of our Simplingo Instructors are qualified with over 3 years of experience.

Benefits of studying English at Simplingo

Online course with a live English tutor

Receive coaching from top instructors including Examiners

Guaranteed to improve your knowledge

Courses are tailored for maximum success

Course Options for studying English

Simplingo offers a variety of courses to boost your English language skills.

(All prices are in US Dollars)

Everyday English

$1 * $30
A 10-lesson Package led by a highly experienced trained Professor. Functional English is key to communicating. This course is a great way to:
  • - Improve your ability to communicate in real-life situations.
  • - Learn the necessities to integrate into a new English-speaking community.
  • - Practice and gain proficiency in all 4 English Language components.
  • - Receive individualized feedback to help address the Learner’s needs.


$1 * $30
This 10-lesson Course Package focuses solely on improving your Conversation skills. Guided by an Instructor with vast experience, the Student will:

General English

$1 * $30
Our 10-lesson Package, conducted by our professional Teacher, concentrates not only on Speaking and Listening but Grammar, Reading and Writing too. Learners will:
  • - Receive maximum opportunities to Speak and Communicate, as well as Listen actively.
  • - Become accurate in Grammar and use a wider range of Vocabulary.
  • - Develop a systematic approach to Reading and Writing.
  • - Get individualized feedback to increase the Student’s English ability.

Limited Spaces Available
(Maximum 1 x $1 class per student)